1. Students are strictly forbidden from loitering on the verandah or carrying on conversation in front of the Principal’s Office, Library and college office when classes are held nearby.
  2. Students are strictly forbidden from handling the electrical switches or connection or spoiling the walls, black boards, pillars, floors and doors of the college in any manner.
  3. Students are forbidden to approach any higher authority in any manner pertaining to the college or any personal grievances except on a written representation addressed through the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge who will forward it with his comment, if any.
  4. Every student, desirous of addressing the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge by letter must do so separately; joint applications are entirely forbidden and will not receive attention.
  5. Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of access to the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge during College hours with prior permission of the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge.
  6. The members of the staff are accessible at any time for the consideration of difficulties and grievances of students and will be always pleased to hear them and give them advice. Genuine complaints of the students should be put forth in writing to the Committee of Lecturers. The Teachers Council- which shall process the same and place it before the Principal with their recommendations.
  7. Students are required to be orderly and quiet in the college.
  8. For the maintenance of discipline in the College, the punishment set forth below may be inflicted: verbal and written reprimand, fine, forfeiture of fees paid, deprivation of scholarship, rustication or expulsion.
  9. Expulsion from the College may be inflicted for delinquencies of a heinous nature involving disgraceful or dishonorable conduct or moral turpitude or persistent or willful infringement of college rules, including an organized attempt to stay from the college or for gross insubordination or disrespect to the constituted authority of the college or for instigating descanted breaching of discipline or for cheating or attempting to cheat.
  10. A student who is rusticated or whose name is removed from the college rolls, shall as soon as his name is struck off from the rolls leave the college. Fees and deposits paid by such students shall be forfeited. If such a student does not leave the college by the date he is required to do so, the charges as the Principal may direct for everyday he overstays, in violation to the order and shall also be subject to any lawful action.
  11. No club or society shall be started or maintained by any student without the approval of the Principal.
  12. No meeting or demonstration shall be held in the college premises by any student without the permission of Principal/Teacher-in-Charge.